A few words …. for Nikiti

Nikiti The name comes from the land of Neakitou dependency of Xenophon monastery since 1300, situated in the area of today’s scissors, just before the junction to Marmara. In 1089 it is known to the Neakitou Monastery on Mount Athos, which bordered on the Konstamonitou. The Neakitou monastery sometime before 1300 and declined only the name survived. Over the years the locals mainly verbally kept remembering the name that finally reached its present form, Nikiti.The official name of the village since the recognition of the community in 1918 was known by the maps and various official documents as a community “Nikita”. That name remained until 1988, where later the name was officially changed to “Nikiti” after a memorandum submitted by the archaeologist Joachim Papagelis Toponyms to the Council of the Ministry of Interior on the official name of the village. Renaming adopted with no. 261 Presidential Decree published in Nos. 119 / 07.06.88 GG, t. A. Since January 1999 is the seat of the municipality of Sithonia and from January 1, 2011 the headquarters of the new enlarged municipality Sithonia now includes the entire area of ​​Sithonia.

Every year, on September 15 in Nikiti organized celebration for the saint. Other important festivals are the St. Christopher on May 9 in the forest Livadia position held by the Apiculture Cooperative SITHON with hunters Society of St. Paul on June 29, in the homonymous area of Nikiti, of St. Theodore on the first Saturday of Great Lent on beach Champion and saint Panteleimon on July 27 in the homonymous location.